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Vista 17R

Vista 17R

Vista 17R

Super Bright, beam spot wash 3-in-1, 3D effects

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    YODN R17 350w lamp

    Beam Spot Wash 3-in-1

    Two prism, 3D effects

    Two gobos wheels

    Linear zoom

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Vista 16R is an unique design Hybrid moving head Spot/Beam/Wash, which is powered by revolutionary 16R discharge lamps technology ( 8000k, 1,500hours). The powerful 16R has awesome output with 3 times the output of beam 230w,It comparable with Beam 440W on the market
What’s more, The ARTFOX Hybrid 16R Extreme features 16-facet and 6-facet lineal rotating prisms, motorized zoom and motorized focus, frost filter for wash effects, rotation replaceable gobo and static gobo wheel. It features 3 phase motor to provide faster ,precise movement on Pan/Tilt.


1. Unique Design 16R moving head Hybrid Spot/Beam/Wash, 3 in 1
2. Motorized Zoom from 0- 33 degree , From narrow beam to spot
3. Ultra bright output, Over 795,000 lux @ 16 feet, It is comparable with beam 440w.
4. Frost Filter for wash effect and frost effects
5. Double Prisms: 16- facet prism and 6-facet prism, ( 8 facet prism is for optional as well)
6. Prisms Rotating and Prisms macroseffects
7. Motorized Focus , Mechanical strobe and dimming from 0-100%
8. LCD 4 button Menu System


Lamps: The standard is Ultra Brightness YODN MSD 330w C18 8,000˚K , the Osram SIRIUS HRI 330 W ,8,000˚K is for Optional
Lifespan: Over 2,000 hours
Light Output: 795000 LUX @16 feet (2-degree beam); 14950 LUX @ 16 feet (33-degree beam)
Movement: 3 phase motor, Pan: 540°, Tilt: 270°. 8 bit or 16 bit control
Beam Angle: 0-33 degree, Motorized linear zoom
Color Wheel:
. Beam Angle: linear 2.5-20°
. Color Wheel: 13 colors + Open, color scroll
. Static Gobo Wheel: 13Metal Gobos + Open
. Rotating Gobo Wheel: 9 Rotating Gobos + Open
. Prism: Prims 1): 16 facet Circular Prism or 8 facet prism
Prism 2): 6 facet Linear Prism
. Frost: 0-100% fast linear Frost
. Zoom: 0-33 degree linear Zoom
. Focus: Linear Motorized Focus
. Dimming: 0-100% Linear dimming
. Strobe: 0-13 times per second
. Control Mode: 3 DMX MODE, 16/24/30 mode. Master/Slave, Built-in Program, sound-Actived mode.
. Voltage: AC90-240v,50/60hz(Auto-ranging)
. Max Power consumption: 550w
. Power Connector: PowerCon in & out
. DMX Connector: 3-pin and 5-pin DMX in & out
. Dimmension: 16.73” x 15.35” x 25.59” /425x390x650mm
. Weight: 52lbs (23.6kg)
• CE,Rosh,FCC approved.


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